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Title: 2021/7/24 11:29:21
Do you serve a buffet for lunch?

Title: 2021/5/4 18:20:33
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Title: 2021/1/23 12:12:19
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Title: 2020/9/22 15:53:50
when did you start charging a $2.00 delivery fee I have not ever had to pay that before but was charged the $2.00 and was not told a was going to have to pay food was delivered and i seen it on the ricpite

Title: 2020/8/8 7:15:02
I am fan of your establishment. And I have a friend coming in a few days. And he requested "Mandarin House".. he loves it also, My question the buffet open or is it still shut down? Thank you Karlene

Title: 2020/8/2 14:34:40
Hello! My name is Kathy, and I am a Yale student home in Boise for the summer. I am working on an oral history project on Asian Americans in Idaho, and I wanted to reach out to see if your business has Asian American workers that would be interested in participating. The project entails a 2 hour interview (virtually!), and encompasses topics like the person's life and experiences being Asian American in Idaho. Please let me know if this is something of interest, or if I can provide further information! You can also contact me through my email at

Title: 2020/7/17 2:39:33
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Title: 2020/4/14 20:15:42
Are you kidding me!!!! I called and placed and order at 7:16 tonight and was told it would be about an hour, which is fine. *However at 8:45 still nothing so I call. No answer, I have called 13x with NO ANSWER AND NO FOOD! it is now too late to order elsewhere. I have never left a yelp review but I am tonight and every other local site. This was unbelievably unprofessional and cowardly. You seriously cant even answer my call????? it is now 9:11 pm and i have called 18 times now and NOTHING!! How you stay in business is beyond me! *IF my card is charged I will be taking this to the better business of Twin Falls and the police for theft! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Title: 2020/4/10 4:11:06
I am taking a look at your menu and see some issues with placing orders online. With the coronavirus affecting restaurants, I'd like to offer the services of my company. We help restaurants set up online and delivery systems on their sites within 24 hours. I don't charge anything until it's all set up and your taking orders. I'd love to jump on a call with you and discuss what I can do for your business. My cell is 863-260-8475 or you can visit my site for more information. I can get you all live and taking pickup or delivery orders within a day. stay safe! This is my personal email too.

Title: 2020/10/31 10:52:08
Do you serve Dim Sum ? Sure hope so.

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